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The mis selling of payment protection insurance and the way in which the PPI scandal which has been dominating the news for the past couple of years, underlines just how big the mis selling of PPI policies by the banks has been.

Billions have been claimed back by consumers who were mis sold PPI by the banks. However, there are millions still waiting to be reclaimed. Many people have failed to make a PPI Claim.

If you took or a loan, mortgage or other type of financial product from a bank and if you believe you were mis sold PPI on it, then chances are you may be eligible to receive compensation for the PPI policy you were mis sold.

Here at easy ppi claims co, we pride ourselves on delivering a first class service to everyone who makes a PPI claim with us. And indeed, we have successfully helped people to reclaim thousands of pounds in mis sold payment protection insurance.

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Reasons Why You Should Choose Easy PPI Claims Co 

Easy ppi claims are experts at claiming back mis sold ppi for consumers from the banks. Many people might be attracted in making a PPI claim themselves. However their are many reasons, why you should choose, easyppiclaimsco.co.uk in making your PPI Claim.

We offer a stellar customer service to everyone who lodges a PPI claim with us. Every aspect of your PPI case will be handled from start to finish with efficiency and care.

We charge nothing whatsoever before you make a PPI Claim with us. All of our PPI Claims cases are handled on a ‘No Win No Fee*’ basis – which in layman’s terms means that we will only charge you a small fee if you are successful in winning your PPI Claim and on the other hand if you do not win your PPI Claim and you are unsuccessful – you will not need to pay us anything.

Why PPI Was Mis Sold?

There are many reasons why Payment Protection Insurance policies were mis sold to people – however the reasons call all be linked back to the behaviour of Britain’s banks, who acted in a dishonest and underhand way in selling PPI policies to people who did not require PPI, were not asked beforehand if they wished to buy PPI or were no properly informed beforehand as to how PPI worked.

PPI & PPI Claims – A Brief History

In 2008, the mis selling of PPI was first bought to the public’s attention when the UK’s leading consumer group highlighted cases of the PPI being mis sold to people. Prior to 2008, the banks pushed the sales of PPI, after seeing the huge profits generated by it.

Between 2008 and 2011 – fined many of the UK’s leading Banks and Building Socities in failing in the obligations, when selling PPI to their customers.

Events finally came to a head in April 2011 when a coalition of Britain’s banks lost a case in the High Court and were forced to make provisions in the billion to compensate people for mis sold PPI.

PPI Claims And Compensation

The Original figure set aside by the banks in order for them to compensate people for the mis selling of PPI, was stated at nearly £6 billion. Since then, as more and more people of some of the people who were sold PPI policies have come forward to make PPI Claims – the figure set aside by the banks for their PPI Claims have ballooned to £22 billion, including…

Lloyd’s Banking Group, which includes, Lloyd’s TSB and Halifax has the largest amount of money set aside for their PPI Claims – nearly £9.8 billion.

Barclays Bank has gathered £4.1 billion for the PPI Claims they expect to receive.

RBS (Royal Bank Of Scotland) has put aside £3.1 billion as compensation for people who were mis sold payment protection insurance.

Santander Bank has set aside nearly £750 million for their PPI Claims.

How Much Will I Get For My PPI Claim?

The compensation figure that a person who was mis sold payment protection may receive can vary on a case by case basis. At the moment the size of an industry-average PPI Claims payout stands at £2,750. However, that figure can rise significantly if the loan amount in question is larger than average.

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